About Gensoubo-ji

Valley of the Gods

This temple, Gensoubo-ji was founded by Inada Gensou in 1906. About 35 statue of Buddha are dotted with grounds of temple in a valley. 13 statue of Buddha in 35 statue of Buddha was designed and made by Inada Genso oneself. Though there were big flood damages in the past. Statue of Buddha which were made by Gensou over 100 years ago is still now remaining miraculously.

Statue of Buddha are quite unique in design and give strong impression to us. About 70 years ago, after war, foreigner who was occupying was coming to Gensoubo-ji to see different culture on each holiday. Here was called a “Valley of the Gods” by them.

Currently, here is also the healing place where can enjoy the nature, like a bamboo forest, colored leaves, clear water, bleat of birds etc.

Right picture: Great Buddha ( Height is about 5m )

Inada Gensou practiced asceticism which eat a leaf bud and roots of trees etc for 3 years in this place that established temple , after training in each counties in Japan. Then, Gensou set his mind to help except for people's disease and pain.

Gensou gave decocted herb to a sick people. And Gensou kept sick people and made them recover. Furthermore, Gensou manufactured Buddha statue. Buddha statue which was manufactured is put the soul.

Left picture: Rising dragon

Spring water from the water source in the valley is being pulled to front of the templel. 

The result of water quality test for this spring water is very clear and good healthy.

This Spring water meets the requirements of good water of the old Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The evidence is attached in another page.


3-14, Shimizu, Kure-shi, Hiroshima 737-0077, Japan

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Required Time

About 12 minutes from Kure station by car